“The world was hers for the reading”.

-Betty Smith, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn

    The world is filled withKrithi, on a Tree, reading so many amazing books. Classics, fantasy, memoirs; sometimes you just don’t know where to start.

And so I am going to help you out, and share my love of reading with you. Since I was ten, I’ve been writing reviews about my favorite books. Obviously, the types of books and quality of the reviews have changed over time, but a lot of these books remain my favorites, books that I think the whole world should read.

So, start anywhere. Pick an age category or a genre and start reading. If you liked the review, had any questions, or had something to say about the book, leave a comment below the review.

And for new perspectives on the best books, I have had some amazing writers (beloved family and friends) sharing their reads with you. If you’d like to submit your own review of any book, see “Submit Your Work”. I would love to read your reviews and recommendations. I am always trying to find new books, and I trust you all to pick out the best! We’ll try our best to post every Monday, so keep hanging on!

Above all, treasure books. They are perhaps more valuable than the brightest diamonds, and we should cherish the gifts they give us.

Thanks, and enjoy these reviews!

Krithi Ram-Junnarkar, 14 years old