When 16-year-old Clary Fray enters the Pandemonium Club with her best friend Simon Lewis, her whole life changes.

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After witnessing a murder that no one else can see, Clary is swept into a world of Cassandra Clare’s creation, the world of Shadowhunters- superhuman half-angel beings that protect the world from demons. Soon, people she thought she knew reveal their identity as Shadowhunters or Downworlders: magical creatures like vampires, werewolves, warlocks, and faeries.

Her mother is kidnapped, and the hunt for a magical instrument of power, the Mortal Cup- used by Shadowhunters to create more of their kind- begins. They are not the only ones who want it, though. Valentine, a dangerous Shadowhunter- thought to be dead-  returns, and does everything in his power to retrieve the cup and create an army.

Clary discovers her powers and tries to find the Cup with the help of her new Shadowhunter friends, golden-haired Jace, beautiful Isabelle lightwood and her brother Alec, who does not seem to like Clary at all.

She can recover her early childhood memories, stolen by a warlock to protect her from the Shadow world, rescue her mother, find the Mortal Cup, and maybe even fall in love along the way.

I thoroughly enjoyed The City of Bones- Cassandra Clare definitely entrances the reader, and by the end of the book I was eager to follow Clary and co. on her next adventure in the shadow world. I highly recommend it to anyone who likes action and adventure. It is a wonderful book, and everyone who reads it should prepare to be hooked.