Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 10.32.02 AMIn The Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare, Tessa Gray receives a letter from her older brother, Nathaniel Gray. Tessa crosses the ocean to join Nate in England to start a new life and leave behind the death of her beloved Aunt Harriet. To Tessa’s shock, her brother is nowhere to be found.

Imprisoned by two mysterious women called the “Dark Sisters”, who claim to know about Nate, Tessa’s hidden powers are awakened, and her talents put to the use of Mrs. Black and Mrs. Dark. Tessa, oblivious to the Shadow World- a magical world inside her own in which Shadowhunters, half-angel warriors, and Downworlders such as werewolves and warlocks live and fight- is shocked when a strange boy breaks into her bedroom- tracking the Dark Sisters. Taken to the London Institute, a safe place, Tessa learns about everything that was hidden from her- and her future becomes full of danger and a formidable enemy- a man who calls himself “The Magister” who wants to get a hold of her for her powers.

Handsome but secretive William Herondale, Fair-haired musician James Carstairs and the rest of the Institute inhabitants, her new family, must help her find her brother and try to defeat the danger ahead.

Clockwork Angel is a wonderful read that you won’t be able to put down. Cassandra weaves an amazing world that she writes fantastical creatures and her wonderful characters into. You won’t regret following Tessa Gray through a series of obstacles (and books) and watch her make heartbreaking decisions, conquer evil, and find her place in the Shadow World. Read Clockwork Prince to follow Tessa and her friends in their many adventures.