In Fantastic Mr.Fox by Roald Dahl,  Mr. Fox steals lots of mouth watering meat from three cruel farmers.

Farmer Boggis raises young plump chickens. Farmer Bunce raises lovely fat ducks and geese. And last but not least Farmer Bean. He raises juicy rich turkeys and grows red crunchy apples.

Fantastic Mr. Fox by Roald DahlThese three farmers have disgusting diets which give them nasty tempers.

After Mr. Fox raids their coops, the farmers figure out what Mr. Fox is up to and have it in for him. They try many ways to kill Mr. Fox but he is way too smart to be beaten.

Or is he?

The farmers make a devious plan to starve Fantastic Mr. Fox and his family. They camp out at the opening of the foxes’ den, waiting for them to emerge. Their plan? To shoot Mr. Fox with their powerful guns when he pops out.

But the bloodthirsty farmers don’t realize that Fantastic Mr. Fox has a wonderful plan of his own.

I like this book very much. It is interesting and the things that Mr. Fox does are quite clever.

This book is good for people who believe in determination and not giving up.

(Sulekha Ram-Junnarkar is a 9-year-old about to enter 4th grade.)

This review is by my little sister, Sulekha. This is her first review. Enjoy!