In this touching tale by Gwen Cooper, the author learns about life and love from her blind wondercat.

Homer's Odyssey by Gwen Cooper

At a young age, Homer the kitten was diagnosed with a disease in his eyes. The vet refused to euthanize the scruffy kitten, but instead, surgically removed his eyes and the disease. The minute Gwen Cooper, owner of two cats, set her eyes on him, she fell in love. She adopted him, with warnings that Homer would be moody and and an “underachiever.”

Read this memoir, and marvel at the adventures of this so called “weakling”. From scaring off a burglar, to catching air-borne flies, you can see that Homer is anything but!

I loved this book be cause it shows that a handicapped animal really can be an achiever! Just note- this book is best for kids pre-teen and up. It is an adult book, and there are a few swear words, and some big words.Other than that, this book is a touching reminder to take blind leaps.