It really is  a mystery. The boy with no shoes.

Hoot by Carl HiaasenOne day in Coconut Cove, Florida, “new kid” Roy Eberhardt, notices a strange boy. He doesn’t go to Roy’s school, and the kid isn’t wearing shoes! But Roy hardly has time to investigate before the school bully, Dana Matherson, finds him and starts his torture. Finally, when Roy can put up with it no more, he hits Dana, and bolts. His only goal is to find the weird boy.

At the same time, a Mother Paula Pancake House is being built. At the construction site, the foreman, Curly, is preparing for the ground breaking . But he is frustrated.  A person is coming to the site and vandalizing the property. Survey stakes ripped up. Cars spray painted. Who can be the vandal?

Roy catches up to the boy, and after a few escapes from death, he, the boy, and the boy’s sister, Beatrice become friends. Roy learns a surprising secret about. He asks him, why? And Mullet Fingers shows him. Something at the site. Some things that will die if the ground breaking takes place. But if Roy helps Mullet Fingers protect the little creatures, that would be breaking the law. Will his heart or his brain win? Whatever he choses, he must find a way to help Beatrice and Mullet Fingers, and make wrong right.

This book was awesome! I love books about saving animals and the environment! Everybody will enjoy it!