Mary and Edna Turner’s silver candles disappear. What happened to them? Are they lost? Stolen?

Nancy Drew: The Secret of the Old ClockNancy Drew, teenager detective, reports for duty.

Nancy is a young woman who has a knack for solving mysteries and fighting crime.

When Nancy visits Mary and Edna, she meets a little girl named Judy. The Turners are Judy’s great-aunts, who adopted her when her parents died. They tell Nancy that they wished they had more money to support little Judy. Mary and Edna tell her that they had a relative, Josiah Crowley , who died, and left a will–but the will was never found.

So Nancy sets out to find the will, but it is not easy. She must discover clues.

She sets off trying to unravel the mystery and along the way she is locked in closet, encounters burglars and pursues them into a Garwin City where she finds something very important that might lead her to Josiah’s missing will.

I loved this book because it is action-packed and fun to read. There are great surprises on every page! I recommend this book, especially for mystery lovers.