The Lightning Thief is one of the best books I’ve read. It’s very enrapturing and I can’t stop rereading it!

Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief by Rick RiordanIt’s about a boy named Percy Jackson. His unknown father is actually a Greek god ! His mother is a mortal woman who fell in love with the god and had Percy. When a Minotaur attacks Percy(!), he gets to a strange camp in which children live. These children all have similar back rounds , one of their parents is a Greek god, and the other is a mortal. There, Percy learns that Greek Mythology is very much alive, including the gods, the monsters, and the special creatures such as centaurs and satyrs.

He also learns his Greek father(god). Then, someone steals Zeus’ (king of the gods) lightning bolt. The gods suspect it is Hades, Lord of the Dead. So Percy must go on a quest to retrieve the stolen bolt, with his friend Annabeth and his satyr friend Grover.  The Underworld is in the west and Percy has to get their on foot (fighting monsters) from New York, before the summer solstice.

This was a great book and I definitely recommend it to kids of my age (9,10,11,etc.) and to adults (my mom and dad were hooked) !