Those of you who loved Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief, this is the perfect sequel to read.

Sea of Monsters by Rick RiordanKronos, the evil titan king who was dethroned by the Greek Gods, is trying to regain his power. He poisons a tree that protects Camp Half-Blood, a place where kids who have a Greek God and a mortal as parents grow up.  As the tree slowly dies, monsters begin to  overrun the camp.  And then, just when things are at their worst, Percy Jackson learns his best friend Grover is in trouble. A vicious monster has kidnapped him, and wants to marry him!

In other words, life is not good for Percy and the other half-bloods at the moment.  Annabeth, a daughter of Athena, thinks she knows a way to save the camp. Annabeth, Percy and his very strange relative set off on a quest to find a magical item that might heal the tree and save Camp Half-Blood. But it can also raise the Kronos, who was sliced into a thousands of pieces when he was first defeated.

Where do they find this magical item?  Annabeth, Percy, and someone who is usually a foe set off to rescue Grover and save Camp Half-Blood! But will Kronos’s minions find the magical item first? Or will Percy and his friends find it in time to save the tree that protects the camp before it dies out completely?

I loved this book, especially the second chariot race that occurs. I recommend it very much!