In this touching and action-packed book by Richard Lewis, we read about a devastating tsunami that strikes Indonesia. After the deadly tsunami smashes into the coast, a native teenager named Ruslan meets Sarah, a 16- year-old American girl who is visiting the Indonesian region of Aceh.

The Killing Sea by Richard LewisTogether they struggle to survive. Sarah has to get her sick 8-year-old brother Peter some medical care. And Ruslan and Sarah are both looking for their fathers, from whom they were separated when the tsunami hit. Before setting out to find her father, Sarah has to cope with a heart-breaking situation.

She and Ruslan carry Peter to a make-shift hospital but if he is to survive, they need to get to a real hospital. The trio trek through woods and rivers to get to Meulaboh, Ruslan’s hometown where they hope a hospital may have survived.

Will Ruslan be able to locate his father? Will Peter get better? Find out in The Killing Sea by Richard Lewis.

The tsunami described in this story is the 2004 Tsunami that killed hundreds of thousands of people, also hitting Thailand, India, Sri Lanka and reaching as far as Africa. Every time I visit India, I visit the beach in Chennai, India where the killer waves also struck. It makes me sad to know that I have friends whose families have suffered it.