August Pullman can barely walk down the street without sensing every eye on him and seeing parents hurriedly steering their kids around him.  Though he is a seemingly normal fifth grader who likes Star Wars, plays with his dog, and has fun with his family, his glaring birth defects set him apart from the other kids.

Wonder by R.J. PalacioSince birth, nothing on his face was “normal”.  Though he’s endured many surgeries, his eyes remain different sizes, his mouth can barely be called a mouth, and his ears are scrunched up.  But inside, he is just as smart, just as ordinary as any other kid. So after years of homeschooling, Auggie is very surprised to learn he will be starting fifth grade in an actual school. With the support of his family and principal, Auggie is more confident about delving into the world of every other kid.

But when school starts, Auggie is thrown into the whirl of acceptance and popularity.

As he walks down the halls of Beecher Prep  through stunned silence, he discovers there are definitely mean kids out there, but there are some  friendlier ones. He meets Summer, a sweet girl who finds Auggie intelligent, humorous, and not weird at all. There’s Jack, who seems to be great friends with Auggie, as they laugh and run together. But then there’s Julian, whose personal mission is to obliterate Auggie’s good moments with sarcastic cruel ones.

For a while it all seems manageable, but when Auggie hears something he shouldn’t have, his world falls apart. Who can he trust? After months of strained silence, and reconciliations, he realizes things aren’t as bad as they seem.  After an incident on a camping trip, Auggie will realize, as much as he wants to be ordinary, he is extraordinary, and his true friends will be sure to see him through.

In this touching story, R.J. Palacio will lead readers through the extraordinary world of Auggie as he discovers friendship, betrayal, and the impossibilities of standing out. Wonder will pull you in, and leave you marveling at the wonder that is August Pullman.